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Our solutions are investments into the future

Today, in order to keep profitability under conditions of economic recession, enterprises of metallurgical and mining complex need to intensively modernize their production process. But unfortunately not all enterprises have such opportunity due to capital efficiency fall and bank system crisis. Therefore the only way out for enterprises is modernization by means of maximal use of internal resources and potential opportunities of existing technologies. 

AIK-EKO InterTrade s.r.o. Company specializes in performing technical audit of operating enterprises of metallurgical and mining complex. The audit purpose is development of measures directed at increase in profitability of production processes and at improving competitiveness in the world market.

Professional development and implementation of anti-recessionary measures with existing equipment operation optimization allow increasing of the carried-out activities efficiency coefficient.

Such a complex approach to crucial tasks solving enables our partners to perform modernization within the shortest possible time and with the lowest fund raising. 

Maximal reduction of production cost with the purpose of market outlets maintaining and expansion during the crisis period is the best strategy of an enterprise development. 

Professional development and implementation of anti-crisis measures with optimization of the work of the available equipment makes it possible to increase the efficiency rate of the events.

A comprehensive approach to solving topical tasks provides the possibility of our partners to modernize in the shortest possible time and with the smallest depreciation of funds.

The maximum reduction in production costs in order to preserve and expand existing sales markets during the crisis is the best strategy for the development of the enterprise.


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