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Sergey Rizhko
Director of Water Treatment Technologies Department

"Quality and reliability"

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Main goal of Water Technologies Department is development and implementation of innovative solutions for rational use of water recourses in all industries including power industry.

At present under conditions of economic recession the main issue is provision of competitiveness and high production profitability by means of cost decreasing and quality increasing.

Water and slurry systems are one of the most important activity areas at which each plant can decrease cost.

Our decisions based on world experience with application of original developments provide water and other energy resources saving, increase quality of metal content slurry returned in production, allow decreasing of operating costs and provide optimal level of capital investments at minimal projects payback terms.

Due to this approach we achieve the following:

  • Low electrical energy consumption, namely:
  • - max 0,8 kW*h/m3 for water demineralization systems;
    - max 0.27 kW*h/m3 for recycling water systems.
  • Max 3.5% saving of fuel equivalent on combined heat and power plant due to recycling water deeper cooling
  • Max 100% decrease of liquid effluents.