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Valeriy Kulish
Director of Power Technologies Department

"Active world of correct solutions"

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Practical application of power saving technologies is a component of plant successful development.

Irrational use of utilities, electric power, heat of waste gas, compressed air energy in power-consuming industries (mining, metallurgical, chemical and power generating industries) results in up to 15% increase of production prime cost.

For power saving program implementation specialists of our department estimate energy efficiency of technological process and all production in order to eliminate energy losses.

Department performs complex design of mini thermal power plants and mini central thermal power stations with minimum 100 kW installed electrical power. In the meantime, generated electric power cost does not depend on service tariff growth of energy generating monopolies. For example, when using the waste products of grain processing plants in the form of straw pellets, waste wood or other kinds of biofuel, it is possible to sell surplus of generated electric power to governmental electrical network according to the green tariff.

We achieve fuel saving by means of up to 30% optimization of primary power resources and up to 10-15% application of secondary power recourses.

Our department provides observance of all environmental requirements, 20-30% decrease of capital and operation costs.

Department activity ensures good results and achievement of Customer goals. Contacting our company you will get optimal solutions for development of production that is beneficial in terms of energy and economy.

Main directions and parameters:

  • Systems of waste gas heat utilization in metallurgical production that provide up to 30% decrease of utilities consumption
  • Alternative power sources as partial replacement of centralized power supply
  • Min 5% increase of boiler units efficiency due to the use of booster heaters and setting of operation modes
  • Thermal power plants. Large-scale implementation of biofuel based plants both during the new construction and during the reconstruction