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Dmitriy Gantsov
Head of Nonferrous Metallurgy Department

"No sooner said than done"

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Tendencies of the modern market of non-ferrous metals demand increase of products competitiveness that is achieved by means of systematic approach to quality increase and decrease of production costs.

Scientific and engineering potential of AIK-EKO Corporation and Titanium Institute State-Owned Enterprise allows implementation of own advanced technologies of titanium, magnesium, nickel, ferronickel, manganese production according to Customer requirements, namely:

  • Increase of cost-efficiency
  • Plant re-engineering
  • Expansion of nomenclature of manufactured products assortment
  • New construction and production expansion

These issues are solved due to combination of available experience and professional competence of specialists of Titanium Institute SOE and AIK-EKO Corporation that is proved by number of implemented projects worldwide.

Our cooperation in technologies development and implementation provides as follows:

  • Minimal expenses for projects implementation
  • Production of high-quality titanium product (Ti content is min 90%)
  • Production of refined nickel (Ni content is min 99%) and ferronickel
  • Production of primary magnesium (Mg content is min 99.8%)
  • Production of electrolytic manganese (Mn content is min 99.7%)

Implementation of technological solutions

  • Titanium slag, manganese-rich phosphorous-free slag production technology
  • Complete cycle of nickel and ferronickel production
  • Production of titanium tetrachloride, titanium powders and titanium dioxide pigment
  • Technology of titanium sponge, magnesium and metal manganese production