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Alexander Lymar
Head of Metallurgic Technologies Department

"To set a goal and pursue it"

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Main goals of lime production department are development and implementation of innovative technologies during construction of new limekiln departments as well as reconstruction of existing ones.

Developments of lime production department combine advanced worldwide experience and creative individual approach to issues solution that allows offering Customer the best technological solutions for production of high-quality product and compact arrangement of production areas.

Systematic approach of cooperation with AIK-EKO R&D Institute provides execution of workshops projects in all parts including study of existing building structures of the workshop and execution of geodesic and geological studies as well as laboratory tests of Customer raw material and lime produced of it.

Advantages of cooperation with us

  • Obtaining product of the highest quality (up to 96% of СаО+MgО; reactivity is ~1.0 minute)
  • Achievement of low specific cost per unit (fuel is max 880 kcal/kg of lime; electric power is min 24 kW*h/ton)
  • Work on unwashed dirty limestone (low-melting clay inclusions are max 5%)
  • Easy maintenance of main equipment (external location of kiln burners; absence of constantly switching valves)
  • Safe operation of main equipment (kiln operates at negative pressure)