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Alexander Ilukhin
Metallurgical Technologies Director

"Result is the best evidence"

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Main goal of Ferrous Metallurgy Department is development and implementation of innovative solutions in sinter and blast furnace process technologies.

AIK-EKO applies the most proper and individual solutions aimed at increase of energy efficiency, capacity and service life of units, as well as decrease of equipment downtime during repair.

Our company offers developed technology to iron and steel works owners which allows using reserves of existing processes and equipment to the maximum extent as well as significantly reducing capital costs for reconstruction and new construction.

Innovative solutions for sintering process developed by specialized department and proved by AIK-EKO R&D Institute studies ensure significant decrease of solid fuel, natural gas and power consumption as well as quality increase of produced sinter.

Using such sinter leads to total reduction of cast iron ton prime cost production in amount of from 5 to 15$.

Due to this approach we reach the following results:

  • Decrease of specific consumption:
  • - max 30% decrease of solid fuel specific consumption;
    - from 5 to 15% decrease of natural gas and power consumption.
  • High quality of products:
  • - from 3 to 5% content of fines in produced sinter.
  • Optimal periods:
  • - period of project implementation 1.5 year;
    - payback period 1.5 year.

Based on the world achievements in the field of blast furnace process automation, improvement of charging equipment structure, refractory brickwork, its cooling and status control systems, AIK-EKO company offers inventive design and layout of equipment allowing reconstruction and construction of new unit achieving the following parameters:

  • Low specific consumption:
  • - blast furnace coke consumption: 280…360 kg/t of cast iron (depends on raw material quality, oxygen enrichment and quantity of other fuels types injected into furnace).
  • Using of cost-effective fuel types:
  • - dust-coal fuel injection: 200 kg/t of cast iron.
  • Capacity increase:
  • - production: 2.6 t/m3 of output.