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Alla Andreyeva
Director of Chemical Industry Department

"Do you know expression ‘A man can do no more than he can’? It is wrong belief. Man can do anything"

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Modern view on existing time-proved international soda production technologies allows AIK-EKO specialists and partners to develop and implement innovative technical solutions providing improved process parameters.

Highly efficient combination of advanced scientific achievements and successful experience in projects implementation results in production costs decreasing of soda ash and soda-based products.

Our technologies and developed equipment allow obtaining of high quality soda ash and granulated calcium chloride at optimal capital investments and minimal payback term. Herewith the following is achieved during reconstruction of existing production:

  • 3-7% decrease of fuel resources specific consumption;
  • 5-10% decrease of prepared water specific consumption for sodium bicarbonate washing;
  • 90-100% decrease of liquid effluents.

Implementation of process solutions

  • Soda ash production
  • Production of concentrated calcium chloride
  • Production of soda-based household and industrial chemicals