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Sergey Kushnarenko
Head of Electrical Equipment and Automation Department

"Automation is a delicate matter"

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Implementation of modern automation systems allows achieving product quality improvement during the whole production cycle and obtaining therewith an economic effect by means of less equipment downtime, application of energy saving technologies, equipment maintenance cost optimization.

We create automatic control systems on the base of our individual program engineering design in close cooperation with technologists of field-specific departments that allows obtaining the very result that Customer expected that is main work objective of our department.

Our experience and approach to the matter provides an opportunity to study the problem and offer the optimal alternate solution to the assigned task.

We carry out full range of services involving development of automatic systems for manufacture control of different complexity beginning with simple tasks and ending with complete integrated automation of all manufacture processes.

On account of implementation of modern automatic systems it is possible to achieve the following results:

  • 10-15% reduce of equipment downtime
  • Up to 35% reduce of electric power and utilities costs
  • Up to 30% reduce of costs for plant maintenance
  • Reducing of defective products level